About this report

This is a live report about the COVID-19 pandemic also known as SARS-CoV2.


The information provided here are for educational purposes only. All data have been collected from freely available sources. For details, please check out the Reference section of this report.

This live report is updated a few times daily. So please check back to get the most up to date report.


The goal of this report is to provide up to date summary of the global situation and compare that with Bangladesh.

Volunteering opportunity

If you have experience with R programming, and have interest in contributing to this project, please reach out to me via email: enayetur.raheem@brfbd.org. Please mention specifically how do you want to contribute. Because I receive too many inquiries, I cannot reply to each an every email. I will only respond if your email has sufficient information to spark my interest. Thanks in advance :)

What skills are useful

  • writing R functions to perform a specific task given a data set
  • fitting statistical models
  • time series forecasting

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